Bitcoin Unlimited Forks BTC

The most recent breaking news on the HF development comes from Bitfinex, where a new token has been created so users can start to split their Bitcoins using a chain splitting technique.

Looks like the Bitcoin Hard Fork is imminent, with traders scrambling to get BTC to Fiat, or their favourite altcoins, as the coming Fork seems like an event horizon on trader’s to do lists. The reality? This Fork might not be much different than the Fork we saw when Ether diverged into Ether Classic, except with some enhancements on the BTU side, which will allow for larger block sizes. This may have an impact on overall pricing between the pair, which inevitably will be priced across a spread as investors sink their teeth into their new coins.

Based on some of the news coming forth from the Exchange Contingency Plans, it seems evident that if the network can split, and then have unique addresses, and operate independently of the Bitcoin core, while still having replay possibilities, then the BTU token will appear similar to how the ETC appeared in accounts of ETH holders at time of the Fork.

This adds an element of strategy to traders who are trying to maximize the low BTC price and hedge their altcoins into BTC so as to trade up for BTU. The reality? Much mayhem and panic, and highs and lows as traders are panicking to make their cash one way or another. The winners on this hard fork are going to be the ones that hedge up and be patient while the networks do their thing, and the exchanges process their conversions, as well as add BTU trading tabs, so existing altcoins can be traded with BTU, which may see a rise in popularity as exchanges begin to cater more and more to the new coin.
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