Price Recaps

Litecoin Doubles in Price, and Holds

Litecoin has rallied with a price double, after seeing many of the other alt coins double or triple, especially the blue chip coins like Ether and DASH, which have been showing common markets signs of rising and falling, and DASH coin, which may surprise many users who were trading the coin at $100 per coin, are now playing with it at the $60 dollar range.

Pink Coin has also been fun for some players to get into, but also there is the constant allure of OBITS, which are the hedge fund for the OpenLedger Platform, and all of its assets like Incent Coin, which also recently doubled in price, and raised volume for the OpenLedger exchange, which recently paid their monthly dividend over the weekend.

Other news includes the possible fork, which no-one has any idea about, which could be quite interesting, and possibly profitable, for those who are in the mining sector, if half the hash-power goes to the BTU, the Bitcoin Unlimited Fork Chain, then it will only add more diversity to the Bitcoin Price, which has been around the $1150 USD moving average since the beginning of the year, and down a few percentiles from last year’s late season trading, where it was around $1250 USD.

Many analysts say that the price could be climbing even further later into 2017, as much as double, which seems like a common trend for many of the alt coins recently, but it may all pour back into Bitcoin, buy who knows?

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