GrupBit (GRU) Invest in AppX (Apptrade Crowdsale)

Grupbit has hedged some of the mining hashpower as an opportunity to invest in the AppX crowdsale, which will go live next year OpenLedger, and other exchanges, which has a potentially high dividend reward stake for early adopters. The concept behind the App Developments Market and Blockchain Financial Technology is providing some strong incentive for investors looking to get an early check of AppX.

The ZEC Mining Investment of Grupbit has yielded .5 ZEC to date, which has not gained any large profit since the price dropped from $2000 to $60, but it is still in the holding account should it rise in the future. We are also looking at other Crowdsales as a potential early option for new investments given the potential of these coins to reach new heights with modernized Blockchain Technology.

Apptrade Crowdsale


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