GrupBit and STATS Announce Dividend

In addition to the regular dividends of Grupbit, STATS is also beginning dividend payouts from increased site revenue. While revenue generation is up from last year, some of the revenue has been used to cover site costs, and while most of the fees are now taken care of, it is expected that monthly dividends will resume for the shareholders of the stock.

Don’t have any shares? Register at Alcurex, buy some shares, and get your dividends posted directly to your account!

    About STATS

The Coin Currency News revenue generation is split between a max supply 100,000 units of STATS stock on the exchange, which was launched as a crowdfunding option, and continues to build its revenue and dedication to shareholders.

    About GrupBit

Grupbit is a hedge fund comprised of bitcoin mining gigahashes, ZEC mining operation, coin stakes, and other funds that provide bi-weekly/monthly dividends, and has a max supply
of 10,000 units.

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