Trump Coin Gains Popularity

While the price of Trump Coin has been relatively low compared to the previous month’s trading volume, there may be some bright increases in the near future with Trump Coin being added to some new exchanges. In the past, when coins get added to other exchanges, it allows more people to buy, sell, and trade the coin with greater ease, and this new listing of Trump Coin on new exchanges will be sure to add momentum to the coin. When Trump Coin was initially trading on C-CEX and Yobit, it passed over 50 cents a coin, and is currently around 7 cents, except for on the Trade Satoshi exchange, where it is 69 cents a coin.

Some of the exchanges that carry Trump Coin are C-CEX, Yobit, Cryptopia, POSWallet, Trade Satoshi, and NovaExchange.

TrumpCoin has a good functioning website, and is sure to be a strong coin in the future with its increasing popularity and availability.


One response to “Trump Coin Gains Popularity”

  1. […] While Trump Coin stands alone from the other 725 Altcoins covered by the top analysts, it is only less than 10 cents at the moment, which is something that investors may not want to pass up. TRUMP IS NOT DEAD […]


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