End of Month Price Rally?

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Is it just us, or is the end of month buying spree now in session? It looks like many of the top coins are on the rise as we head into the end of the month of April, with many of the coins hitting new highs. Some of the more interesting highlights are the price of LTC (litecoin) moving past the $15 USD price on some markets, Bitcoin breaking $1300 USD, and Ethereum Classic coving close to the $5 USD price point.

And who would have thought NEX / XEM would go to above 4 cents? And to have it keep climbing. We rememeber when this coin was trading for around 150 Satoshi, and wish we could have piled up our investments then! Oh wow! But it is good news for the Bitcoin Community as the Silicon Valley in California and Texas continue to push for freer use of virtual currencies, and Trump has also looked at adding Trump Coin to his list of assets? 🙂


Speaking of Trump Coin, there are only 6 million coins and who thinks these will go above $1 before the end of the year? Will Trump coin be accepted at TRump Golf Courses and Trump Tower Mr. Trump? 🙂

In other news, the TALK, MILO, and other coins from Yobit are showing some nice variations on the spread between Milo on Alcurex, and TALK on Novaexchange, and is anyone buying into the Alcurex Project Holdings STATS, KISS, and GRU?

So far, these projects are showing strong growth signs into 2017, with some real business ventures in the works including a #kisserspace app, physical gold mine for Grupbit, and of course more publishing from Coin Currency News, with our Annual Altcoins Cookbook coming out in June of July!

Stay tuned for more details, and happy trading and collecting.


5 Replies to “End of Month Price Rally?”

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  3. Lana — wonderful article. One of the truly stunning things is to learn, after years of a different mind-set drummed in, just how kind people IN THEIR hearts are. It’s wonderful to not just learn but experience that EVERYONE, just like me, wants to be happy and free from suffering. Everyone. Tough sometimes to remember but the more we embrace this as a core belief, I’ve found the more it actually is apparent in my life. Thank you for your blog!!


  4. I’m actually shocked just how much like Dungeon Keeper it looks.The Carmageddon remake unfortunately is probably stopped by a lot of censorship in many coutnries which limits developers. I think the only way around it would be with “zombies” … but it’s such a shame… i know i played the non-zombie version of the original Carmageddon and when i saw the zombie one I was so :(VN:F [1.9.20_1166](from 0 votes)


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