Coin Listings, Delisting, Updates

Here are some of the delistings taking place at so investor should be sure to hedge their coins before May 2.

There has been strong investment into many coins over the past few weeks, and increased attraction to the coin collecting has been taking place. One of the more constant priced coins, Bitcoin, has remained slightly above the $1300 USD price, point, while big gainers have been Ripple and ETC, and LiteCoin, all reaching new highs this week.

How about Doge Coin? Can anyone believe it is making such strong gains? Or, how about Factom, almost above $8 USD? Many of these coins show no stopping in sight, as investors are looking at 3-10% price gains over the weekend.

The market cap is now up from approx. 3 Billion to over a whopping 30 Billion USD, with BTC dominance holding around 60%.

For savvy investors, there is a spread in some prices between the various exchanges, offering some possible gains. Still no word on the BTU split, and how far the coins will go.

    In other News

Spot Gold is trading below the price of Bitcoin now, making the two a good pair for traders who are interested in the yellow metal.


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