#Waves Continue To Roll

The Waves platform has continued to grow it’s dominance in the Altcoin sector, with more and more waves coming in from various directions. With the price climbing over the past few months as the platform gained increased buy-in from commercial investors when it rolled out its staking model, the Waves Coin has been a go-to buy for long and short investors.

Now priced around $1.34 USD per unit, the Waves platform is an interoperable unit that is the backbone of coins like Incent, and other coins.

To keep up to date on the latest development from the Waves team, checkout their Twitter feed:

Waves has made significant price gains since it’s inception last year, and continues to be a possible alternative to Bitcoin and other altcoins.

Speaking of waves, is anyone still holding Ripple? XRP has been by far one of the most significant gainers over the past couple months, and continues to gain momentum as a top Altcoin as the price moves closer to the 25 cents USD price point. After moving from a few cents a few months ago, the coin has surprised investors by increasing market dominance and representation across a variety of exchanges.

Bitcoin has been fluctuating with a range of approx. $100 USD on the day trades over the past week, and continues to bounce between the $1700 USD to $1900 USD price point.


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