#Digibyte Coin Price Uprising #DGB

Digibyte is on a run, and everyone is scrambling to get into a piece of the pie as investors are rumoring that is may be the next Ripple, offering investors a second life at getting in on a huge bull run.

While the coin is already up 150% on day trading, and over 17 million USD in volume, there seems to be no stoppage in sight as investors are betting that this coin will soon hit a penny.

Digibyte is the fastest moving coin of the day across all exchanges, but is most exemplified on Poloniex, where it is being traded like mad, with the Trollbox speculating that this coin could possibly hit 1000 sats by next week, and then take off like XRP, but who knows?

This is the most volume DGB, better known as Digibyte has ever experienced, and it may be a signal that the coin could be pushing upward heavily over the coming weeks and months as large commercial investors seek to increase their profits on a lower priced to volume metric that Digibyte contains.

It is already pushing close to a half penny in the day’s trades, and could possibly hit a penny by the end of the week, and much like Stellar Coin and Bitshares, which were at a Penny a few weeks ago, and share similar metrics with Digibyte Coin, it may follow a similar trend and push up to the 5 cent price point?

Speculators are on the edge of their seats, buying, selling, and re-buying as the volume pours into this coin, making it a frenzy of buying and selling, pushing the markets into a wild time.

Stay tuned for more market updates as the story unfolds!

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7 responses to “#Digibyte Coin Price Uprising #DGB”

  1. Why do speculators buy and then sell just to buy again?


    1. for the love of the game, and of course, because uncertainty is always an unknown variable?


      1. larryduane100 Avatar

        Aha! Good answer-thanx


        1. Here is a better answer: “Because people love coin trading”


  2. Mahmoud Kamel Avatar

    we need a clear recommendation, please about this coin and others


  3. how much is needed to buy this $200 worth? I am new to this do i have to download a wallet?
    did the boom hit or is there time to still buy and make money


    1. You can register an account at Bittrex.com and buy some coin without downloading a wallet and invest in any coins you want. send me an email if you want to setup a managed investment account.


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