#Ripple Coin 30 Cents, Dominance Increases

Ripple Coin, Ripple Currency, or XRP is taking off like a rocket, pushing the limits of investor’s expectations, and wallets for those who are wondering about getting back in on the coin, after it has grown over 1000% in the past few months. Moving from 3 cents to 30 cents means it has grown by ten times it’s initial price, or 1000%?

Some charts have the coin priced around 3 cents on April 23, and just less than a month later, this coin is now above 30 cents!

How high will this coin go? It is obvious that many coins are now using Ripple as a base-stock blockchain since it has very fast payment transactions, and good efficiency, and not to mention the fact that is has commercial buy-in.

So the problem is, what about those who had Ripple Coin and sold it? Yes, all too many of us know the problem of having a coin and selling it, then seeing it skyrocket. And as everyone also knows, do not chase losses, but how high can ripple go?

Will it take over Bitcoin as the most dominant coin?

It is now in second place in the Coin Market Cap listings, and Bitcoin recently fell below the 50% mark in market dominance, and as everyone knows, Bitcoin is for collectors, and not for the general public…..So could Ripple be the coin that is for the masses?

If so, then maybe 30 cents per coin isn’t so bad?

So for those looking to get in on some action, Ripple is a tough call, especially since it made some serious gains over the past couple weeks, and with close to 300 Million USD in volume on the market today, it is a clear signal that this coin has the potential to rise, or fall, very quickly, so what does everyone think?

It is clear that Ripple is in a bull-market, so how far will it go?

It is also clear that Lumens is following close behind Ripple, and while not as expensive it is also making strong gains!

So what is Ripple? It is clear that Ripple is working with large banks to provide affordable transaction solutions.


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