High Supply Coins Experience Uptrend

While we discuss trading strategies from time to time, today we are going to outline a trend that has been occurring on the markets, and while this trend may or may not continue, it is definitely something that has been noticed over the past few weeks.

1. High supply coins have been growing in price faster than some lower supply coins.

While we would never advocate this strategy as a good strategy because if goes against the laws of supply and demand, it is clear that large money managers are buying up the higher supply coins such as:

Sia Coin

These coins all have more than 1 billion coins in their supply and offer large money managers an opportunity to garner long-term income on controlling a large supply of the currency, thus having a price increase is actually profitable for these large shareholders.

For those looking for lower supply coins that are paired with sister currencies, then they will want to look at OBITS, Diamond Coin, and Verium Reserve. These three currencies have a lower supply, and built-in metrics that should provide long term price gains, which is always good for making a profit.

For example, consider the Verium Reserve and it’s pairing to Vericoin, which offers investors a stake of value through mining as well as long term investing.

Bitcoin has been actively traded between the $1650 to $1900 USD range during the week.


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