RDD – #ReddCoin Starts Trending

There is no doubt that the high supply coins have been under a buying spree lately, and it seems like RDD is just getting started, with higher than average volume today, and higher price increases that are putting traders back to the drawing board.

Take a look at some of these volume trades on Bittrex!

The ReddCoin price has doubled in today’s trading, and this may be a signal of things to come since Redd Coin has some of the fastest transaction times, feels light, and has a long-standing history as one of the best cheaper altcoins, which is starting to become a thing of the past as price increases make them not so cheap anymore.


This coin appears to have a very bright future, and has anyone noticed that the logo is sort of similar to the MacBook Pro timer and Chrome logo with the Redd Green Blue Yellow. The Redd Coin price may see some dips, but some analysts are betting that this coin will be the next up and comer throughout the summer months, and may be a good investment in the short or long term.

One response to “RDD – #ReddCoin Starts Trending”

  1. I invested on bittrex …


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