Altcoins Imminent, Bitcoin Up

Yes, we have all begged the never-ending question of Bitcoin being the famous Da Vinci Code Fibonacci sequence, but for now, it appears this altcoin dump is just a normal day trade move to hedge in on some BTC while the price settles in at a level worth its value. While $2500 USD per Bitcoin is naturally what legacy traders expected, it is still a tough pill to swallow for many of the veterans who continue to face scrutiny and backlash from public groups over their early investments.

While $2500 USD per Bitcoin is a wee bit nefarious, it is nothing to put something like Trump Coin at 2500 satoshi, which is where it is currently sitting on YoBit. Now, how could a decent coin like this slip into oblivion? Down 1000% from just a few months ago? Is it time for a revelation for Trump?

Well, regardless if the golf crew gets Trump on the front page of Coin Market Cap, you can bet that some people are definitely looking at Bitcoin in a new light after April and May’s trading highs.

Is the run over? Or, just beginning?


Let The Discussions Begin!

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