Blue Coin (BLU) trade volume increases

Seems like BLU has some tricks up their sleeves with their website directing traffic to some consumer survey program, where visitors are paid $50 in prizes for completing surveys. Well, whether they are using these things like dividends to raise the price of BLU, the price of Blue Coin has bounced between 50 and 100 satoshi.

Going from an average trade value of under $10,000, the coin suddenly went above the 30k price point and even higher.

According to many investors, Blue Coin is still very cheap compared to some of the other coins on the market.

Since we didn’t want to complete the survey, we decided to do some searching for Blue Con sites, and found this web page, and wonder does anyone know if this webpage is connected to the actual Blue Coin?

It seems to be written in Portoguese, and looks like a pretty cool site. 🙂

Check out their ANN on Bitcoin Talk here:

It seems like it is a little outdated, but as everyone knows, the Crypto world takes time to develop.

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