What’s Up With Bitcoin?

YEs, everyone wants to know what Bitcoin is going to do after hitting a new high of close to $3000 USD a couple weeks ago. While those highs are slowly being forgotten, it could be just a day or two to bring the price back up to large prices again, especially if you consider some of the price variances across the exchanges. For instance, a couple months ago, there was an exchange in Japan that was consistently selling their coins for around Bitcoin’s current market price ($2297 USD), while some of the American Exchanges were selling at $1600 USD.

So let’s take a look at this price spread to see what’s up:

Some of the highest paying prices are in other currencies, like the Krakow for instance.

So what does everyone think? Is Bitcoin going to scale up to $10,000 as some writers are putting in their articles? Or, will a hard fork go down and BTU finally come out swinging? It is really tough to say what is going on with BTU and the Bitcoin Unlimited Team, especially since the volume on Bitfinex and Yunbi for BTU has hardly amounted to a whole lot. But, will it gain momentum or volume?

According to some long-time Bitcoin players, it seems like BTU may take an edge on Bitcoin, though Bitcoin is sure to never die?

Let The Discussions Begin!

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