HTML COIN (HTML5) – Site Update

After threee years in the business, there is some news from the HTML5 Coin, which is now getting set to launch their latest wallet, as well as seeing some increased speculation from investors. After a recent mailout from the development team, it is clear that HTML5 is ready to begin its ascension.

Here are some tidbits from the recent mailout, and as you can see there is more volume on HTML5 than ever before! Could this coin be one of the next big supply coins making a bull run? Just take a look at Ripple Coin as an example of how a small coin can make great leaps and bounds. Not to mention Digibyte, which jumped from a couple cents up to over 5 cents in just a weekend flurry of trades.

Or, how about the Verge and RDD coin runs, both hitting new highs. One thing is for sure, that HTML5 is getting started to move, as well as MOON Coin, which is reaching new volume highs and price highs.

These recent trends have added strategy changes for traders who previously sought coins that were in low supply and high demand, and one reason for this adjustment is due to the increase in popularity from blue chip investors looking to get a large control of the supply at early stages, which often results in large price moves so these commercial investors can make large profits.

This is a win-win situation for everyone, especially the developers who are then free to spend their profits on other coins and grow the coin market cap.

Bitcoin actually is on a roll, and there is no doubt that is will gain traction into July with increased revenue coming in across the world, since it is truly a borderless coin, and given plenty of hashpower to get the job done.

Let The Discussions Begin!

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