Bitcoin Altcoin Market Cap Passes $112 Billion

With the increase in popularity of the Bitcoin and Altcoin industries, what was once considered a large market cap of 2 Billion in last year, the market cap is now pushing 112 Billion this year. This makes it an all time high for the markets as they continue to grow in popularity and value. One of the reasons for the high market capitalization is because of the increase in coin prices, as well as the induction of new currencies onto the Bitcoin Markets.

Another interesting thing about the coin market cap site is that they are now showing the pricing with ETHER listed as a trading pair when doing price checks for individual coins.

Here it shows the value in USD, BTC, and ETH, which is one of the new updates to the website.

Another thing is that ETHER is coming on strong behind Bitcoin, with a much closer market cap than its other competitors, making it the second highest valued coin on the market with a market capitalization of over 30 Billion, and Bitcoin at 48 Billion, and Ripple at 10 Billion, and other following.

Bitcoin is also trading at an all time record high of around $3000 USD per Bitcoin.

And ETHER is also trading at it’s all-time high average of $350 USD per Ether Coin.

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