TrumpCoin Development Continues

The Trump Coin continues to develop the Trump Coin, and is getting more funding through the use of direct funding options from the TrumpCoin support team. Now on sale, for some of the priority funders, TrumpCoin can be bought in batches of 1000 units while quantities last.

Email for assistance with buying direct, otherwise, simply buy TrumpCoin from one of the 8 Currency Exchanges hosting Trump Coin.

has had an effect on the market. Overall many alt-currency prices have dropped considerably as investors were pulling funds out of their crypto accounts to buy Bitcoin.

TrumpCoin prices dropped as well and then rebounded by smart investors picking up low priced TrumpCoins.

We continue to encourage all TrumpCoin investors to hold onto their investments. There is a strong, determined team continually working for the betterment of TrumpCoin.


2 responses to “TrumpCoin Development Continues”

  1. larryduane100 Avatar

    Get Outlook for Android



    1. nice one, never thought of that


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