Market Volume, Volatility Increases

The markets have been more volatile lately, with higher and lower swings in prices, which is a good thing for investors who enjoy buying low and selling high. For some, this is a daytrader’s dream, and for others, somewhat of a nightmare as people hold onto the edge of their seats wondering what the price will do next.

Like all good investors, it is good to try and play the markets according to patterns, and not get too excited because one or two days of market volatility. In fact, most successful investors have been forged undergoing years of financial stress, and getting towards a level of success is something we all strive to achieve.

Like Financial Success, Athletic success is also a strong characteristic to strive for, and for many of us, that means getting up and being active, regardless of how much money we have.

For now, let’s see what these markets are up to anyway for those looking to play the price spread:

Bitcoin has been fluctuating between the $2500 USD and $3000 USD price point.

Ether has been fluctuating between the $350 and $415 prices points.

OBITS has been ranging from $2.20 to $4.00

Remember to have fun trading coins and making profits, but also to have some fun off the computer doing outdoor activities and focusing on a healthy diet.

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