Litecoin gained over 33% in the weekend trading mix, moving from around $30 USD to highs of $50 USD before dropping to it’s current price of $44 USD. Wow Litecoin! Having stabilized in this price range is a nice surprise for investors who were able to save their precious LTCs, and for many still holding, it really begs the question of is now a good time to sell?

Selling in profit is always a nice move, but often harder to do than one realizes, especially with all the possibilities that arise with development.

As many people know, Litecoin was the first Scrypt based coin, unlike Bitcoin, which used an ASIC style of mining. Litecoin spawned hundreds of crypto-currencies with its breakthrough technology, and spun-off billions of dollars worth of industry.

While not as adaptive as Ether, it is a strong currency, with fast transactions, and strong innovator value.