Markets Slide into End of Month

Markets took a dip on Monday, June 26th, as investors converted some of their assets into Fiat, causing many of the coin prices to slip between 15% to 25%. Could this signal an upswing in July? No one really knows why the markets are slipping, but some suspect that the commercial investors are cashing out their millions of profits, but what most investors know is that if there is profit to be made on high levels, then it is likely possible that the markets will show another increase some time in the future.

Some of the larger decreases are evident in Ethereum, which slipped 20% on the day’s trades to around $250 USD.

So the big question is, is now a good time to cash into Fiat or double down on some of the top coins?

Bitcoin is around the $2400 USD price point, and has been active between the $2300 and $3000 range for most of May and June.


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