#DMD Diamond Coin Passes $5 USD

Diamond coin is one of the few coins that has a low supply, and a high intrinsic value. According to the laws of physics, it is the coins with greater value that are worth more that offer great rewards. Diamond Coin made the leap from around $2.50 to over $5.00 and could be worth twice that much in the months to come.


With only a limited supply of just under 2 million coins, getting your paws on some Diamond Coin may be as difficult as getting a real diamond. While Diamond coin was created to provide Diamond Traders a means of exchange value, the Diamond Coin is still largely undervalued compared to the price of a real diamond.


In other news, Debitcoin continues to be a popular choice for Yobit traders, as well as Talk Coin, which could see some price gains if all the BitcoinTalk users were to buy in.

Bitcoin remains around $2500 USD, and ETHER made some strong gains overnight, gaining 20% to around the $300 USD price point.

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