Many new coins hit the market

There are a wealth of new coins hitting the market as more and more businesses and countries begin to adopt the blockchain technology for interaction across a variety of platforms. It is really difficult to keep the pace with all the coins coming on-board, but many of the traditional coins are keeping their ground in light of the new introductions, and Bitcoin still remains at the top of the list.

While there is no website that tracks the introduction of new coins, we try to stay on top of coins as they appear on the website.

Some of these new coins that we haven’t seen before are the:

IOTA IOTA $1,048,869,650 $0.377355 2,779,530,283 MIOTA * $3,924,990

EOS EOS $662,755,927 $4.13 160,324,523 EOS * $413,315,000

Veritaseum Veritaseum $287,801,442 $146.29 1,967,295 VERI * $1,648,650

Status Status $211,802,237 $0.061030 3,470,483,788 SNT * $29,401,600

Bancor Bancor $116,929,519 $2.90 40,299,818 BNT * $3,004,000

FunFair FunFair $95,382,634 $0.024843 3,839,463,249 FUN * $92,104

Numeraire Numeraire $51,647,382 $42.21 1,223,451 NMR * $1,401,890

Elastic Elastic $34,415,875 $0.446732 77,039,199 XEL * $1,420,420

Monaco Monaco $22,675,344 $2.35 9,665,287 MCO * $1,478,060

These coins are from the top 100 coins on Coin market cap, which is kind of difficult to understand how these new coins can make it to the front page, without knowing much about them.

Oh well, let the coins continue to roll on, and as it stands now, the top 7 are still traditional coins for now.


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