OBITS gets value enhancement

Besides having a tremendous new record increase in the buyback and burn on the OBITS supply, the new projects coming forward from the OpenLedger team are going to add more value to the OBITS tokens.

Check out some of these announcements, and get in on the OCASH payment system for a fully integrated pay process, or go directly to the websites.

When you buy OBITS, the official currency of OpenLedger, you benefit from all projects creating In the next coming months, OBITS holders will experience a 5% sharedrop of tokens related to OpenLedger projects including OCASH (5 million tokens), eDEV (5 million tokens), GetGame (500,000 tokens) and Apptrade (400,000 tokens) – and as a special bonus, OBITS holders will have a special drop of QORA tokens within the next few days.

OCASH – ITO August 31, 2017
eDEV – PRE-ICO September 28, ITO January 4, 2018
GetGame – October 26, 2017

Sharedrops connected to each snapshot will take place the first week after the end of each ITO.

Apptrade – ITO November 30, 2017. Snapshot will take place October 10-20, 2017 with the expected sharedrop January 3, 2018.


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