BlackCoin, VertCoin, WhiteCoin Hold Steady

There have been some consistent price gainers that have held steady over the past few months, most notably Black Coin, Vert Coin, and White Coin, which are sitting much higher than they were a few months ago, and seem to be have ridden the wave.

Let’s take a look at their prices:

Vert Coin is sitting around 55 cents, down from it’s peak a few months ago when it rose above $1, but 10 times higher than its previously monthly average of 5 cents.

Black coin is around 27 cents, approximately at half price from it’s high of 60 cents last month.

Perhaps the most well-priced coin at the moment is WhiteCoin, which is currently trading around a half of a penny. After reaching a high of over 1 cent a few weeks ago following the upgraded release of the WhiteCoin, it is starting to act bullish again, moving closer to it’s previous high, with a 22% gain on the day’s trades.


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