SegWit Timeline, Price Rally

It seems that investor confidence continues to climb as BTC recently made gains and is acting bullish again, passing the $2500 USD price point, and nearing the $2600 price point. During the recent trading range, it seems like alot of coins were hedged, and in the process, some investors were able to increase their supply. This can mean only one thing, those with the most coins, and the most money, will be able to control the market to a small degree. Since all investors have the opportunity to influence a market by selling, buying, or trading coins, there is really an opportunity for anyone who wants to invest, either short or long, to see how these markets will pan out.

For now, let’s take a look at some of the top markets, as well as some of the top priced exchanges to see what kind of spread we are dealing with.

The highest price paid for a BTC was over $6550 on Poloniex, where the BTC/VRC trading was taking place. The volume was $140,000 and the next highest is from the $3700 to $2700 across a variety of exchanges using a variety of trading pairs including Yuan, YEN, USD, and other Fiats.

Now for the big news, that is not so big news since we have been covering this story for months. First, the only thing investors and Bitcoin users should really be cautious about is using Bitcoin during the migration phase, which is supposed to happen at the end of the month. During this time, the network may undergo some slight changes, where the implementation will occur.

Following the next couple days, make sure to check back and see how the transition fared. It seems that things should be able to work, but it all depends on the developers and how they choose to implement the fork.

Here are some snapshots from –


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