Bitcoin Makes Biggest YTD Gain

July 20 marks the biggest year to date price gain for Bitcoin, which scaled up from $2000 USD to over $2800 USD, making it the biggest market gain for 2017, and possibly for the past three years, where previous max growth occurred didn’t exceed $300. Today’s gain of over 30 percent marks a new milestone for the currency, which strengthened itself against the Altcoins, as well as traditional Fiat, making it more interesting for new investors and current investors alike.

While it is still a few hundred dollars from it’s all time high of $3000 USD, some analysts see the coin crossing this milestone overnight as optimism in the coin has been renewed given the recent interest in the coin from new investors around the world, as well as increased commercial investment from South American banks such as Santander, and others from the Merryl-Lynch group.

This renewed confidence could send the coin to new heights by September where analysts who predicted the coin at $5000 USD by September may be proved right.

What is everyone thinking? Buy or sell?

ANother possible reason for the price boost is due to some recent crackdowns by the US and EU law groups who were able to remove some of the pirates that were working in the deep web using Bitcoin, making it a safer and more innovative cryptocurreny available for public use by ordinary investors and citizens. Read more from FORTUNE

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