Bitcoin Cash Begins Trading Live

Bitcoin cash is now registed on the site, and exchanges are now actively trading it. The most common ticker is the BCH (Bitcoin Cash) ticker, however some exchanges are listing it as BCC, which is somewhat confusing. For instance, has BCC trading as the Bitcoin Cash token, but on Bitfinex, the BCC ticker is reserved for the Bitcoin Core futures fund, so there is a little confusion there.

Anyhow, the Kraken Exchange was one of the first to list the coin and have it start reading stats on, where the volume has started to increase, as well as the price of the BCH, as some traders are hedging into it in hopes of making short-term gains.

There is also the confusion of the BCC ticker being used as the Bitcoin Connect token, which is trading around $50.

There is no telling where the prices will go, as it has been an up and down day while people hedge between the two coins.

Stay tuned as the coin continues to unfold across some exchanges, and watch the price rise and fall over the next couple days as traders hedge their bets.

The prices in Asia also seem higher than the prices on the Kraken.

Let The Discussions Begin!

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