Bitcoin Cash Price News

The Bitcoin Cash price continues to move along a diverse range, making it a great option for day traders who are willing to move coins between exchanges to try and make a profit. In fact, this phenomenon is becoming more apparent as Bitcoin Cash is listed on more and more exchanges, which is adding to the price variability. Since some traders are interested in doubling down on their investment, and others are simply cashing out, there continues to be a strong Bitcoin Cash variability.

Does anyone think Bitcoin Cash will be like the Ethereum Classic coin, that started strong and then bounced back down?

Or, will it make a more rapid recovery?

Bitcoin Cash is actually a conglomerate of developers, and is working to get their site updated by using a Reddit Feed to get more feedback from the community.

There continues to be increased development for Bitcoin, and the price has actually climbed a few percent points over the last couple days since the inception of Bitcoin Cash.

In fact, the Bitcoin Cash markets have been in a slight downtrend, which could reverse should the interest in the coin grow, but many bagholders are nervous buying at high prices since many exchanges that have not listed the coin, or registered their coins on the exchange yet, could possibly dump their holdings at the higher price, so some analysts are expecting that the coin will actually go down in price before it goes higher, and that any major price climbs will be at least a few weeks into the future.

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