Bitcoin Cash recently hit a new low, with most exchanges selling the coin between the $250 USD to $300 USD price point, and inversely, Bitcoin continues to progressively increase by small points, nearing the $3000 USD price point. So the big question that everyone is asking, how low will Bitcoin Cash go?

BBC writes in espanol:

“Meses de debate y desarrollo sobre cómo mejorar su funcionamiento acabaron este martes con un grupo de desarrolladores separándose y creando su propia versión: el bitcoin cash.
Pero, ¿qué diferencia al bitcoin cash del bitcoin y cómo le afecta?
Un límite de seguridad
Para mantener su independencia y el anonimato de sus usuarios, el bitcoin tiene un funcionamiento complicado.
Cada moneda es un documento informático que se guarda en una especie de “monedero virtual”.
Cada transacción entre monederos queda registrada en una lista que es pública.
Pero para que todo esto suceda, se necesita de un “minero” que resuelva problemas matemáticos difíciles.
Los mineros son voluntarios que reciben bitcoins como recompensa cada vez que procesan un bloque de monedas.”

The price point on the Bitcoin Cash is getting lower as the price for Bitcoin increases, and even some of the other altcoins are starting to get lower prices as Bitcoin gains.

One of the biggest trends that is now noticeable, in hindsight, was the June bull run, when the majority of Altcoins gained close to 200%, and then dropped to their current price points late in July. A explanation for this market behaviour suggests that the market movers pushed the altcoin prices higher in an effort to gain profits on a down-sell, and increase Bitcoin reserves prior to the split.

If this strategy is correct, then the Bitcoin Cash price may dip as low as $50 to $100, depending on the reserves of the market movers, and should the reserves be adequate enough, then the Bitcoin Cash price may recover back to the $600 or $900 price points, depending on whether the price of Bitcoin falls inversely or continues to remain around the $3000 USD price point.

Only time will tell how far these coins will go with regards to price, but for now, there is plenty of conversion opportunities for buying and selling.


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