Altcoins Rebound, ZUR Coin Leads

In light of the Bitcoin Cash downtrend and sell-off, many of the Altcoins are making a healthy recovery, with ZUR coin at the top of the charts as the leading altcoin. With gains of over 3000%, traders are simply stunned at how fast this coin is rising.

Zur coin is an altcoin that is able to be mined, and is really making some serious price gains.

The ZurCoin website offers users plenty of wallet options, and is traded on Yobit and CoinExchange. Moving from around 15-20 Satoshi last week, and now being traded at over 500 Satoshi her unit, traders are wondering how far this coin will climb!

One of the notable items regarding this coin, is the fact that the price increase is not just a drop in the buck either, since it is almost at 100,000 USD in trade volume, which is a considerable amount of money.

At over 4000% and still affordable, it may be worthwhile doubling-down on this coin before it becomes a serious contender?

In reality, we don’t really know what is going on with Zur Coin, but it sure is a large investment, and climbing quite quickly over the past couple days.

ZPOOL.CA – ZPOOL to use to mine ZUR Coin is a site that offers daily payouts, and plenty of options for miners to get their nodes and pool options together. Here are some snaps from the Zpool site:

And be sure to check out the Bitcoin Talk thread for more update on the ZUR team and their development of the Slack group.


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