Bitcoin Price Reaches New High!

Bitcoin price is reaching new heights, and recently passed it’s previous high of around $3000 USD, and is now pushing the $3200 price point on coin market cap, and is registered at just under $3000 on the Blockchain statistics.

While the uptrend may continue, or inversely change into a downswing, one thing is certain, the price of Bitcoin Cash is declining just as fast, or faster than the rise of Bitcoin. We saw this sort of trend with Ether and Ethereum Classic, and the price spread between the two coins never recovered to a parity point, and in fact, the basic price disparity ratio in ETH:ETC has been about 10:1, and is currently around 11 to 1.

The Bitcoin Cash price would have to recover to the $330 USD price point if the 10:1 ration were to be applied, and is currently around the $225 price point, putting actual ratio closer to 15:1.

Many traders are likely furios with the price, and are boosting the price of Bitcoin so that they can buy more Bitcoin Cash at a lower price in the future, however, this is just speculation, but not something that should be ruled out.

Let The Discussions Begin!

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