Spattering Of New Coins Hit The Market

Does anyone know where all these coins are coming from? After taking a quick look at the top gainers on Coin Market Cap, it is clearly evident that many coins are coming online, and often faster than ever before. In fact, it is quite difficult to keep up with these coins since it is literally impossible to tell where they are all coming from.

One thing is for sure, there are now more coins than ever before. After doing a quick sort of the coins on the front page of the top 100, I came across a spattering of new coins that I have never heard of before, and am going to take a minute to look at these various coins.

The coins that came up are:


Civic – A Cryptocoin that is tied to identity verification.

Metal – Metal allows for transactions using only a telephone number, and also offers a 5% reward on cash spends.

district0x – A network of digital shopping districts.

Pillar – Pillar is another coin offering trades with Bitcoin pairing.

TenX – This coin offers another spin on spending and sending, with the addition of a TenX card, users can also earn loyalty points.

Bytom – An asian centric cryptocurrency with a large supply, and being sold on most asian exchanges.

Particl – A network of shopping that uses tokens.


Let The Discussions Begin!

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