Peerplays Joins OpenLedger

A welcome addition to the DEX, Peerplays has become the newest cryptocurrency offered by OpenLedger. Peerplays is the world’s first peer-to-peer betting platform built entirely on top of a live blockchain.

Represented by the asset OPEN, the most active asset on the OpenLedger Decentralized Conglomerate, users can rely on making swift withdrawals and deposits in automatic mode.Peerplays is the newest of the Graphene based blockchains added to the OpenLedger cryptogateway. Every new gateway, like Peerplays, or MUSE who joins us next week, contributes to the monthly rewards handed to OBITS holders in the form of token drops and buy backs.

As part of the our OpenLedger Rewards Program, OBITS holders benefit from all OpenLedger gateways receiving 50% of all transaction fees (0.2% of all transactions), plus 20 to 100% of all revenue achieved from all businesses on the OpenLedger DC in the form of token drops and buy backs.

Please find the links to Peerplays markets here:





For more information on Peerplays, please visit

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