GrupBit Announces .21 BTC Dividend

GRU Shareholders on Alcurex will be receiving a dividend on September 05, 2017, which will be split between the 10,000 share units.

GRU had some price reductions during the summer months, when some of the buy-wall was re-invested into Initial Trade Offerings and other ICOs, and shareholders are encouraged to remain confident that GRU will make a comeback in the coming months as some of the long-term ICO holding may increase in value. The value of these holdings is tied to the profits garnered from the commissions from some of the exchange volume, as well as 2500 GHS in mining power, which is producing a marginal amount of Bitcoin.

Other funds are being hedged, and reinvested to provide the best return on investment, as well as long-term dividends. We hope to increase the buy-wall in the coming months, since the dip, and will focus on raising this after the .21 BTC dividend.


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