HTML5 Repost From Doofy

Htmlcoin: Keeps Defying the Odds and All Logic.
By Doofy
I’ve said it before… Htmlcoin is an anomaly among the cryptocurrency world. Back in 2013 and 2014, I did a ton of altcoin mining – mainly scrypt coins, including Litecoin, Dogecoin, Zeitcoin, Procoin, Htmlcoin, and so many others.

Many of those coins simply disappeared. Procoin, which touted itself as the cryptocurrency for small businesses just… disappeared one day, rendering all coins immediately useless. Just par for the course.

Htmlcoin seemed even worse. The mining for these coins never increased in difficulty in the early days, netting millions of coins per day. I didn’t care. The running joke in my head was that I’d finally become a billionaire, even if it was in a coin clearly destined to disappear. Trading it smartly with doge would result in getting more doge and more html. It was a great coin for playing with.

Instead of disappearing, they decided to fix the coin. They changed the algorithm for mining and did a coin swap, kind of like a reverse split. I wasn’t a billionaire anymore 😦 but at least I still had a healthy amount. Dubbed html5 (despite still being htmlcoin officially), it was definitely seen as a much healthier coin. It traded for somewhat better amounts of doge and even litecoin at times.

Over the years, I just held most of my amount, as it’s supposed to go “POS” in 5 years, which is interest bearing. Last few times I looked, its USD price was embarrassingly low (like $0.00000008).

Then, over the last few months, it was subject to a 51% attack, which seems to open the block-chain to manipulation. Ok, well, it was fun while it lasted, and it certainly outlasted all the other coins from back in the day.

What’s that, you ask? Why is htmlcoin worth $0.000181 today (and trading for approximately 0.00000005 BTC – prices fluctuate)? Who the fuck knows? However, they’re fixing the coin AGAIN and doing a mostly 1-for-1 swap of the coin, so most people won’t lose anything. 1000000 htmlcoin today is worth $181 (or 0.05BTC, which is about $210).

Man, if I still had 1,000,000,000 htmlcoins today, I could potentially trade it for…. $181,000.

If history has taught me anything about htmlcoin, it’s that it defies everything. Shitty original algorithm, 51% attack on newer version of the coin, and on the cusp of a second coin swap and update…. and now it’s worth more than ever, and still slowly climbing.

In closing, some htmlcoin holders might find themselves to be accidental millionaires before too long.

Source: Doofy.


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