The Bitcoin, Ethereum & Blockchain Superconference

Dallas, Texas would like to invite a host of speakers, business people, tourists, and general cryto fanatics to the upcoming Bitcoin, Ethereum & Blockchain Superconference in February 2018.

Check out how awesome this event is going to be!

Here is an excerpt from the Speakers Podcasts:

“Slow-moving Regulation Amidst the Blazing-Fast Blockchain Industry (BTC / ETH / Blockchain Superconference Intervew)Digital currency has the potential to be instant and global, but to what extent will the realization of this potential be stymied by regulation? How can this type of innovation maintain both momentum and regulatory compliance? Among other things, Amber Scott, Chief AML Ninja at Outlier Solutions, and Joseph Ciccolo, Head of BitAML, will be addressing these questions at the upcoming Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain SuperConference slated for February of 2018. Admittedly one of the biggest challenges to the cryptocurrency industry, potential remedies for regulatory restrictions are already surfacing.”

For our commercial readers who want to get a presence at the upcoming conference, consider becoming a sponsor:


One response to “The Bitcoin, Ethereum & Blockchain Superconference”

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