First of all, I would like to thank all the shareholder’s who have stuck with our projects during the third quarter, while many faced confidence issues in the projects, I want to assure everyone that these projects are continuing to function, and are going to be developed into the long-term. While Coin Currency News has been around for over 3 years now, the stock hasn’t been as productive as our shareholders, and myself had hoped, and this is something that I am continuing to focus on as project manager.


100,000 UNITS (total supply)

To date, the Coin Currency News project has been dedicated to writing, researching, and sharing Bitcoin related news in hopes of growing it’s readership, and ultimately growing it’s advertising revenue. In the past, we ran two ads as a form of revenue, and this month, we dropped our Blogger Club 500 ads, and were invited to run the WordPress Ads program, which we adopted early in August. This month, since the inception of our WordPress Ads program we managed to earn a total of .01 cent. 🙂

We expect to see some increases in ad revenue in the future, as during Q3 we grew our subscribers from 400 to over 600, and increased our daily traffic rate from 150 visits to over 200 visitors per day.

Coin Currency news will remain a top priority project for years to come, and we hope to develop some new plans to increase branding exposure and development, and as always, encourage new investors to take part in this attractive business plan for future dividends.

Coin Currency News is traded on the Alcurex Exchange under the Ticker STATS.


#KISSERSPACE – http://www.kisserspace.com

775,000 UNITS (total supply)

The #kisserspace project focuses on contemporary media, fashion, sub and pop-culture as a means of developing the #kisserspace fashion brand line. In Q4, 2016, the development of the fashion line was introduced in a long-sleeve concept shirt, along with some stickers, and continues to develop the brand through media reporting and web publishing. This project will continue to grow online, as well as be pushed into new channels in the coming years as readership and the hashtag gains popularity.

The stock is also traded on Alcurex at: https://alcurex.com/#KISS-BTC

We believe that the KISS stock is highly under-rated because of the possibility of getting commercial recognition, as well as revenue development options with the possibility of the KISS Mobile App, which has been in development for a couple months.

We are also working with some national and international models to help develop the brand and will be exploring commercial options in the future, where investment will be conducted using the shares as a form of revenue-sharing for dividends.


10,000 UNITS (total supply)

This is a hedge fund primarily developed as a mining operation, but has since moved into trading futures in the form of ITO and ICO investing. While there is still some mining activity (2500 Antminer S9 GHS, and some small ZEC mining operations), the most recent activity has been to invest in some of the projects like ATB Coin, Bowhead Tokens, and AppX.

During the Q3 period the rise of Bitcoin increased the demand for Bitcoin and some investors sold off their GRU holdings, especially since the dividends had ceased during the period in order to invest in new revenue generation projects. The fund consists of many small-time development project coins, and ITOs and ICOs, which are expected to provide long-term dividend and revenue generation options into the future.

The next dividend for GRU is September 05, 2017 in the amount of .21 BTC.


If you like our site, and these projects, make a donation to keep this site running:

1EWF7f4ucLHadyqcEojpFAJJ3MFKJJA1XF – Alcurex BTC deposit address

OR – buy some of the project stock and get a chance to earn long-term dividends from these project well into the future.

For more information, email robert.chernish@gmail.com


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