Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether reach new highs

The main coins are reaching new highs, and it seems like investors who have some holdings in the main blue chip coins are going to be grinning with the new price gains. How high will these coins go? It is entirely difficult to say how high these coins will go, but it is by far much more difficult to produce a bitcoin nowadays, as mining the currency has become more of a high-tech game of manufacturing and production rather than any sort of profitable venture for the small-time operators.

That said, those who can hedge their savings into the future, may be lucky enough to score some gains. But as everyone knows, the markets are unpredictable, and for safe betters, it is often the best bet to get in on some shares that are tied to a profit option. Some of these shares are like the Factom and Sia coins, where a certain amount of profits are used to promote and develop the coin. Other coins that provide these gainsharing options are the Alcurex Shares, Grupbit Shares, OBITS, Jet Coin, and AppX.

So far it seems like one of the best models for long-term profits are the OBITS shares, as they have a reducing supply, and also eligible for profits. This is highly attractive because of all the ITOs hosted by the OpenLedger platform, as well as the increased number of users, and excellent development team. While the shares have climbed considerably this year (from 5 cents to $1), it is not unreasonable to believe that these shares could go back to their previous high of $4 or even higher?

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