OBITS – Buy Now?

Is it time to buy OBITS? Well, for traders looking for a timely profit, then the answer will most likely be YES, but there is the possibility that the price could drop, as we saw in some markets at the start of August.

Tomorrow is the next Buy Back of the OBITS shares on the exchange, and you can bet that the price will climb during this event, so what are you waiting for?

OBITS are one of the strongest altcoins on the market, and for the long-term you can bet that the price will likely increase.

It is approximately 30 hours before the September OBITS buyback takes place, so make some trades and buy some OBITS and get a bunch of perks including a price increase, and sharedrops on the Openledger exchange!

Or, will the price drop? No one knows, but for the long term OBITS are sure to be a good investment?


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