Crypto-Bubble Bursts #BitcoinBubble

The Bitcoin and Altcoin market cap is still above 100 Billion, but it has deflated considerably within the last few days of market trading.

As the average price drop experienced by the majority of the coins is between 20% and 30%.

This is good news for investors looking to buy more Bitcoin at a cheaper price, and bad news for holders who bought late, or expected the price to rise.

To put this in perspective, the price of Bitcoin has been reduced by $1000 per coin, and Ether Coin is $100 cheaper. Each price gouge is approx. 33% cheaper than the previous price highs.

Cloak Coin remains one of the few coins that is riding the wave and holding it’s price point.

Bitcoin cash also back to it’s former levels of around $380 USD, and part of the reason why the coins are priced lower is because the parity between Bitcoin and the Altcoins has not adjusted from market behaviour, and tomorrow many of the coins may correct themselves.

Let The Discussions Begin!

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