Markets Rebound, AsicCoin Takes Point

After a heavy drop in market prices during mid-week trading cycles (20-30%), the markets rebounded vertically with approximately a 15% gain on previous losses.

Surprisingly, some of the strongest coins during this period were shit coins, that didn’t drop, and actually managed to hold their value. One such coin is Asic Coin, which is traded on Coingather with the Litecoin pair. The coin managed to hold it’s ground quite well, and seems to be an excellent option for day traders looking to get in on some profits.

One of the reasons why Asic Coin may be making some great strides is because it is a Japanese project and may be exempt from the taxes that Bitcoin is subject, especially since it is a business platform.

Other than Asic Coin, the prospects that are up and coming at the Bowhead Project coins, and ATB coins, which recently got added to exchanges, as well as SMOKE and BLOCKPAY.

Check out the Bitcoin Talk thread to stay abreast of the changes on Asic Coin.

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