OBITS buyback coming soon

If you are a keener, then you may just want to get your stake in the OBITS fund sooner than later, and while there is only 10 days before the next buy and burn, it is still unclear whether there will be a double buy-back and burn, or if the information on the website hasn’t been updated yet.

You can register using this link to buy OBITS.

OBITS are a great way to share in the profits of the OpenLedger exchange, which has been growing substantially over the past few months, and is one of the most recognized and beautiful exchanges in the world. Having a solid development team, and many solid strategies for growth, it is clear that the OBITS coin will have much room to grow in future value.

While the buyback prices have fluctuated over the past few months, it is clear that the OBITS token is becoming more popular, and holders can enjoy sharedrops and value increases over time.

Besides the regular buybacks, there is also the new buybacks from the BitTeaser fund, which are being bought using the BTSR revenue and dropped on BTSR holders, which is a great way to diversify the holding accounts of the OBITS funds. So are there any guesses? Is OBITS going to hit $5 again like it did in June?


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