#CampusCoin – Cash For Students

Another new coin that might gain some momentum in the coming weeks is Campus Coin. While it still relatively new, it is catching on across many universities around the world.

Take a look at this coin:




One of the reasons this coin is gaining traction is because it has a solid roadmap and is partnering with colleges and universities around the world, which is a great way to build a user base.


Schools With Ambassadors

Gujarat Technological University (India): 343,528 Students
Sapienza University of Rome (Italy): 101,047 Students
Penn State: 99,133 Students
Northern Virginia Community College: 77,332 Students
University of Minnesota – Twin Cities: 51,147 Students
Kaplan University: 45,355 Students
University of Wisconsin – Madison: 43,338 Students
Florida State University: 41,867 Students
McGill University (Canada): 40,493 Students
University of Kansas: 31,989 Students
University of Utah: 31,860 Students
San Diego Mesa College: 31,614 Students
University of California – Irvine: 31,551 Students
University of West Virginia: 29,175 Students
IvyTech Community College – Indiana: 29,000 Students
Eastern Carolina University: 28,500 Students
Higher School of Economics, Moscow (Russia): 27,000 Students
Cal Poly Pomona: 25,326 Students
Instituto Federal de Paraiba (Brazil): 22,238 Students
Johns Hopkins: 20,174 Students
J Sargeant Community College: 17,604 Students
University of New Hampshire: 15,340 Students
Duke University: 14,832 Students
University of Windsor (Canada): 13,610 Students
Tulane: 13,449 Students
University of Vermont: 11,898 Students
Century College: 11,000 Students
St. Johns University of Tanzania (Tanzania): 4,500 Students
St. Michael’s College: 2,316 Students
Vermont Tech: 1,453 Students

Total Campus Ambassadors to Date: 30
Total Students at Schools: 1,257,669 Students

Let The Discussions Begin!

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