Synchrolife Is A Game Changer

Many of you may have heard about the game-changing restaurant review app that uses blockchain technology and Synchro Coins as the medium for payment. If you haven’t, take a look at the Synchrolife website, which is currently in crowdsale mode until October 20th, and is open for public investors. The Synchrolife app is already available and functioning, and after registering the app on my Samsung S7, I was able to start my restaurant reviews.

Registering the Synchrolife App was fun and exciting, and I enjoyed looking at the different types of food while building the preferences for my profile. Some of the options for profile development include adding a profile photo, as well as location options, and food preferences.

App Features
Some of the cool things about the Synchrolife App are the options to view other people’s reviews, make friends, and find new restaurants that look appealing. Besides that, there are also “Missions” which encourage reviewers to go out and seek new food spots, and find new locations, as well as keep expansion of the Synchrolife business fresh and steady.

The company is based in Japan, but is already teeming with users from all over the world, and has excellent language support. While not all countries have their locations built-into the App at the moment, you can bet that as time goes on, the functionality of the App will continue to improve and be enhanced.

Another exciting option about the Synchrolife App is that the value of the tokens may increase in value over time as the user base grows, which we all saw with the value of the STEEM tokens, and also if you are like me, and often dining solo, then the App provides a great way to spend your time during your meal by helping you focus in on your surroundings, and especially the food. In fact, taking a picture of your food, and documenting your experience at the restaurant can be highly enjoyable, and when you get rewards, the experience is even more exciting!

There is no better time than now to get involved in this ground-breaking project since this start-up is sure to grow, and there is still time to participate in the bounty campaign during the crowdsale. Take a look at all these links, including the links to the crowdsale and the bounty thread over at Bitcoin Talk. Or, simply take your cell phone, and install the app, and see how awesome it is, and then fill out the forms to get your Synchro Coins balance going.

Here are the basics regarding the SynchroLife token crowdsale:
View at

And here are our official website and social media links:
White paper:
Bitcointalk Account: synchrocoin
Bitcointalk Main Announcement Thread:
Bitcointalk Bounty Thread:
iPhone Beta App — iOS App Store:
Android Beta App — Google Play:



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