Bowhead (AHT) Upcoming Events

One of the greatest things about this project is the Leadership Team, and you can see that the success of this project is sure to be a long-term affair.

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YOu can buy the Bowhead Health Tokens at Tidex:

As many of our readers know, we have chosen to keep an eye on the Bowhead Health project since it launched it’s ICO last month, and are interested to see the Live Stream Device Unveil. While there is no telling how this will affect the fledgling prices on the markets, some analysts expect this new unveiling to spark some interest in the coins.

Since there are less than 8 million coins on the market at the moment, and an increased interest in the development and rewards model, these coins may be back to the 9000 satoshi sell price quite quickly.

Here is an update from the Token Sale:

On August 31st 2017 we concluded the tokensale for Anonymized Health Tokens ($AHT).
We had 1,489 token buyers from over 50 countries participate in the tokensale and sold a total of 3,218,348.4198 tokens.

We allotted 40M tokens for the tokensale, any unsold tokens will be locked into pools. We have some important announcements, please read carefully.

The token pools will follow this model which is intended to protect original backers and provide for future potential capital.
Old $AHT Token Distribution Model

Since we sold 3.2M out of 40M tokens we believe it is fair to restrict the remainder of the tokens in the following manner:
New $AHT Circulating Supply Model

Circulating supply of $AHTwill be 8M tokens until September 2018
The $AHT locks are designed to constrict the supply, prove to the world that our team are HODLERS and give our team time to add value by:
Building a world class development team

Creating the first batch of ~500 Bowhead dispensing machines

Advance in the development of our bedside diagnostics

As described in the image above, the 1 year lock is a minimum.
In a year’s time we are likely to have another set of locks to ensure our team and anonymous patient data providers are well incentivized.


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