#DigitX – Revolutionizing Blockchain Robotics

DigitX welcomes you to the next generation of artificial intelligence, money, and robotics with their innovative platform. With the crowdsale now live, investors can take part in this innovative project by contributing Ether during the months of October, November, and December. Each month the price of the tokens increases slightly, as you can see from the pricing model. You should keep in mind that there are only 1,000,000 tokens available during the crowdsale, so this should be a good chance for you to get your tokens now at the discounted price while they are still available.

There are also some other concepts brought forth by the DigitX team that are really revolutionary in their models for development, including a lottery mining option, and donation pool, which will offer initial investors the option to earn additional tokens.

The total ICO is relatively low compared to the total supply, however, as you can see from the figures above, and it should be noted that the Donation Pool may be an interested model for those looking to get a different return on investment.

The Donation Pool automatically accumulates extra Eth beyond the whole number value, and those looking to donate to the Donation Pool must specify since the sending address is the same as the ICO pool.


“DigitX aims to be the digital token and protocol of choice for the decentralised AI and Robotics community.”

DigitX is also on Twitter!

Head over to Twitter and get your interested in AI and Robotics further peaked with all the good feeds coming from the DigitX team.

If you have any ideas and want to contribute to the active projects over at DigitX, don’t hesitate to get involved beyond the investment level, and become directly engaged with the team and their project.



Let The Discussions Begin!

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