#ETCSummit Gonna Drive ETC Up and Up?

The upcoming ETC summit in China is set to prep a whole new league of investors into the world of ETC, which has been continually developing their coins by adding new developers, and taking their time to add the more secure and critical updates for blockchain scaling.

According to some of their progress reports, the ETC, or original Ethereum Chain, is preparing their fiscal policy to ensure strong management and accountability to shareholders, as well as repairing the utility to allow for smart contracts and add-ons similar to how the ERC20 works.

After recently breaking the resistance level by being added to a major Chinese exchange, it is clear that the future of ETC is going to be bright. Does anyone remember when ETH moved from $14 to $50? Well, perhaps we may see a repeat with ETC (aka as the original ETHER coin), now that the network has stabilized and updates are in the works. While it is likely that the ETC coin will pass $50 USD one day, it probably won’t happen overnight, however, many of the works in progress are expected to launch in December, which will be sure to add some new hits to the mix.

So the hype surrounding the China summit is starting to mount, and while many folks may be downselling on ETC now that it has made recent gains, it may be in the back of people’s minds when they are considering a relatively cheap coin following the BTC fork.


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