Coin Currency News Revenue Report

Dear Shareholders and Community,

Coin Currency News is now making some impressions around the internet, and now makes money, and we want to thank our loyal subscribers and daily readers for the past 3 years of successful publishing.

In fact, we want to give an update on our progress, achievements, and welcome business inquiries as we work to grow this pioneering website into a commercial development.

First of all, our crowdfund supporters and shareholders at Alcurex Exchange for your patience, loyalty, and activity on our STATS shares.

Averaging an increase in daily views, and indicators on polls.

We announced that we would begin advertising with WordPress in September. Here are the impressions, obviously indicating that there is room for future growth as the site develops.

Here we have proof of work, and proof of ownership, in the form of intellectual property, which will be a key interest for new investors seeking the information on the beginning of the bitcoin and altcoin ecosystem.

The articles were written to cover the events at the time, and showcase the development of only Bitcoin and Litecoin, to the advent of Ether, and the entire Bitcoin revolution in article format. This IP resource is a very important asset for the future sale of the site.

The Project Manager, Robert Chernish, is currently working on the 2017 year end report, as well as an acquisition agreement the Coin Currency News site. The contract will include ongoing publishing and maintenance services for one year, as well as a shares transfer and induction of a new economic model.

Current shareholders should e-mail to review the year-end reports and models prior to January 01, 2017, for consultation and feedback.

The transfer of ownership through an acquisition offers investors an opportunity to acquire 3 years of industry data, as well as working revenue model, and issued share class to build on future development.

The strategic plan and working model will be posted here at a future date.

Our Twitter has also been increasing in impressions, with the last week setting new high on clicks.

We are still waiting for the October Data on the ad revenue from WordPress, and will also update shareholders on this and pay a year end dividend once we have tallied our funds from the year.

ALso, we always encourage investors, public, businesses, and readers to share their story to the world by emailing their announcement to

Interested Parties looking for acquisition opportunities prior to the Bitcoin Superconference in February, are encouraged to email to begin acquisition planning prior to the Bitcoin Conference.


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