#1 #BitcoinGold, #BitcoinCash, #ETCsummit

Bitcoin Gold is the best winner on the day’s reaction to the non-fork news, with Bitcoin Cash being a second best only because it didn’t gain as much, but it won on the volume indicators, with over 4 Billion in day trades on Bitcoin Cash. The volume increase also added a cool $300 to the price of Bitcoin Cash, and everyone who is now whimpering from the price gains, there is only one hope for those squandering to get a piece of the original bitcoin.

For now, the noobs will want to get Bitcoin Gold and the vets will always be ahead of the noobs and are probably already into BTG (Bitcoin Gold) since it uses a GPU mining operation, which is more efficient and has greater utility value.

Price Estimates:

Bitcoin Gold $1290 (400%)

Bitcoin Cash $2210 (%increase 50%)

Bitcoin $9000 (%increase 33%)

There you have it.


And the best under-rated altcoin is Ethereum Classic for too many reasons to list here. It recently gained 20%, and will likely go along way yet since it is the original Ether.

Bitcoin Gold Volume bars are increasing./


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